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Post ACL and Meniscus Surgeries

The primary goals in the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture are restoration of function in the short term and the prevention of long-term pathologic changes in the knee. Non-operative treatment is a reasonable approach in patients who are not athletically active.

The key to successful treatment of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is proper and early rehabilitation. Preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation programs are similar initially. Swelling control and restoration of motion and strength are the goals of each.

The postoperative rehabilitation program begins as soon as the patient awakens from anesthesia, especially because patients are discharged earlier now than they were in previous years.

Program of treatment:

Faradic stimulation

to improve power of weak muscles

TENS Application

TENS application is used for pain relief by causing a mild electrical stimulation to the neural system that enhances production of beta endorphin and encephalin (pain killer).


Ultrasound is used to relief pain by increasing extensibility of tendon, allow micro message effect, vasodilatation of the blood vessels and increasing number of white blood cells that invade the microorganisms

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used to relief pain through accelerating the inflammatory phase of the healing process, stimulating B endorphin secretion which is associated with inhibiting synthesis of  prostaglandin, decreasing the conduction velocity  of the sensory nerve and stimulating the gate control to inhibit pain pathway.

Strengthening exercise

to improve power of weak muscles

Stretching exercise

to improve flexibility of shorter muscles

Proprioceptive exercise

to regain joint receptor sensitivity.

Electromagnetic field

to decrease pain and inflammation

Hot / cold application prior

to stretching exercise

CPM (continuous passive movement)

to prevent or decrease joint stiffness.

Mobilization/ manipulation techniques

to improve R.O.M of joints and decrease pain.

Kinesio Tapping

to improve circulation, decrease muscle spasm and support joints

ROM exercise

to prevent or decrease joint stiffness.

Gymnastic exercise

to improve muscle endurance.

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