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Post Fractures

Post fractures rehabilitation after serious injuries can leave an individual with a serious loss in function. Depending on the type and location of the fracture, the individual may require surgery to restore normal bone alignment to allow the bone to heal or a simple sling to support the injured limb. A proper rehabilitation program following a fracture is imperative.

Our physiotherapists are qualified at post-fracture rehabilitation to restore pre-injury function as fast as possible.

Program of treatment:

  • Faradic stimulation
  • TENS application
  • Ultrasound
  • Hot packs
  • LASER therapy
  • ROM exercise
  • Strengthening exercise
  • Stretching exercise
  • Proprioceptive exercise
  • CPM (continuous passive movement)

Faradic stimulation

Faradic stimulation is given for muscle paresis conditions. In muscle paresis, there is partial nerve supply to the muscle. It is also called as partially innervated muscle.

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