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Dar El Mona has a capacity of 120 beds for inpatients and over 400 outpatients, covers more than 86,000 m2. 11000 m2 of the area are dedicated to the landscape and three pavilions which are used for inpatient treatment, and enjoys a magical pyramids view. It also has the benefit of a pollution-free environment, due to its location above the sea-level at Kilo 20 Cairo-Alex Desert Road.

Dar El Mona provides you with a wide range of supportive medical and rehabilitation services, latest rehabilitation technology, specialized outpatient clinics, pharmacy, library and ambulance.

At Dar El Mona, we provide a highly compassionate atmosphere that builds hope and confidence in those we serve. Our clients have a sense of being in good hands, which often is the key difference in a safe and effective recovery. Furthermore, we focus on integrating the patient’s family in the therapeutic journey, due to their importance in the recovery process. To support such philosophy, our residential buildings, with its cozy dormitories and spacious communal lounges, follow an American and European architectural designs bringing about a home-like ambiance. At Dar El Mona Medical and Rehabilitation Medical Resort we strive to provide a personal touch for each client that is hard to find in today’s healthcare environment, helping whom we serve “Regain Their Independence.”



To accommodate both patient and health care worker needs.

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The landscaping of the hospital green areas in accordance with the needs of patients.

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We develop individualized treatment plans to help patients reach their goals.



Three pavilions which are used for inpatient treatment, and enjoys a magical pyramids view.

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